Tree Tent camping is quite different to traditional tent camping. The suspension system allows for extreme versatility, being able to hang over water or over steep inclines.

You're not limited by terrain. Being encased in an integrated bug net, underneath a perfectly aligned rainfly, with easy access under-storage bags that are protected from the elements, all allow for the most comfortable and exciting camping experience you could ever have.

Because of the versatility of Tentsile tree tents, you may be interested in researching different accessories for tree tent protection to really take your experiences to the next level. In this article, we'll be going through just that.

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Protecting your Tree Tent Camp

There are a few factors that can come into play when on an outdoor adventure, to prepare for this you need to have the right camping gear to ensure you have a comfortable trip whether you're in a Tentsile or conventional tent.

Camping in unpredictable weather can be difficult unless you're equipped, and being in a suspended tent, this can prove even more vital. The Hatch Cover is the perfect way to block out cold winds coming up through the center hatch in winter weather conditions. Compatible with all 3-person units from Gen 3.0 series. If you're heading somewhere high up, or somewhere you have researched to be windy, you could invest in our trapezium tent wall, compatible for the Flite, Connect, Safari Connect, Stingray, Safari Stingray or Safari Vista.

You could even attach some rainfly clips to a large tarp you may have and try to wrap it (if it's large enough) around the tree tent, or over the top as an extra layer of protection from the elements. There are times when the bad wea just won't stop. This can mean that rainwater soaks the straps to such a point that the water can be channeled under the rain fly and around the corner D-rings. Our Watergates will mitigate that problem.

As well as protecting your camp for the time you're there, it's also important to maintain the principles of Leave No Trace, and products such as our tree protector straps can help towards this by ensuring no damage occurs to the tree trunk while your tent is suspended from it.


The rainfly is your savior when it comes to protection from all different elements that mother nature has in her arsenal. Every tent comes with a rainfly, but if you're an avid camper/outdoor enthusiast and extensively use your tree tent - it may be wise to purchase a spare for the tent type you have. If you wish to be spotted easily during hunting season, or just fancy a different color, the options are there for you.

Our rainflys are made from 70D PU coated waterproof polyester 5,000 Hydrostatic Head, so you can put your trust in the fact that the rainfly will keep you warm and dry during rainy nights. However, wind and rain will push some droplets underneath, in this case you'd be wanting to get yourself a trapezium wall to have 360 degrees of protection.


The Trilogy is a large 6-person super made up of three of our Connect Tree Tent, but it's made from three connects (or their safari variants) that are interconnected, with a dome roof over the middle. If you and your friends all own your own connects, then the separate canopy would be a great purchase for you, as it can really take your camping experience to a whole new level. Make your camp your home! Making the super tent provides extra comfort, being close together and having your own rainflys over the top ensures a great coverage area.

Tent Wall

As previously mentioned, the tent wall attaches from the base of your tree tent downwards, creating a larger tent underneath your tree tent. This allows for a lot of storage space, as it's protected from the elements and encased. They are compatible for a range of tree tents and are perfect for larger groups that would like a place to shelter and store their belongings. It's almost like a living room for your camp!

Before you head out, always check the weather and plan accordingly. If you have any questions, please get in touch. Stay safe!

Jack Thomson