Whether you're a solo camper about to go on an epic hike, or a group out for a camping adventure, choosing your tent can be one of the most important steps.

If you’re anything like us, you'd be taking a tree tent. But which type? Heavy duty or Lightweight? In this article we'll give you some pointers and try to get you on the right track before you head out on your journey.

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Tree tent weight considerations

When you're looking for a specific weight class, you need to take into consideration what your trip will consist of, and how many people are going:

  • If you’re going it alone, we’d suggest the UNA tree tent, our one-person tree tent.

  • Two of you? The Flite balances extra space without adding too much weight.

  • Three? Our flagship Stingray will suffice, but as it's rather large it could be heavy - in this case our Connect will tick all the boxes.

  • If your party is between 4-6, then our Universe or Trilogy will give you the experience you're dreaming of.

Partner whatever tree tent you get with our hammocks so you can really make nature your home and relax. Are you heading to a campsite? Make sure you check the rules on tent size before you head out. How much can you store in your vehicle? If you were wanting separate tree tents, make sure you have the space. How many of you are going to distribute the overall weight? If there are just 2 of you, but you'd like a bit more wiggle room, our Connect will prove easier to balance with two people as it’s heavier than the Flite.

What season are you taking your trip in? Our Safari range is made of more robust material, capable of keeping a lot more heat in. If you're expecting to be a little chilly, think about your sleeping bag, or even your Skypad, the weight all adds up.

Check out our tent comparison guide for a more general overview of what we have available.

Heavy duty

If you want a little more space in your tree tent on your trip, and you get an extra person tent (2 people in a Connect/Stingray) the tent is considerably larger than a Flite. Naturally, a larger tent will weigh more, but you can reduce this by splitting the load between the two of you amongst your other camping gear.

If you go for our super-robust Safari range, the material is heavier than their standard counterparts. They are a preferable choice for winter camping, or for colder climates, they may be a necessity, so make sure you get the right number person tent.

You'd be wanting a heavy duty tent for car camping, or even for backyard camping with your kids. The Safari Vista is Tentsile's biggest Tree Tent. It is also a "3-in-1" as it can convert from a 3-person giant open hammock to a hammock with a roof, or a complete Tree Tent with rainfly and insect mesh. Its size and versatility are perfect for young families and small groups.

If there are a lot in your party, The Trilogy is a truly awesome piece of equipment for any adventurous camping group or team wanting to have a full base camp in the wild. This suspended tree-fort for six people, can easily be converted to sleep nine people by simply adding any standard hammock under each Connect!


For smaller groups or backpackers, you'd be wanting a lightweight tent to accommodate the walking you'd be doing to your destination and back. Wild/backcountry camping or multi-day trekking. Or even for the festivalgoer, who wants a more glamorous and comfortable camping experience rather than on-the-ground traditional camping. Overall, you need something portable and comfortable.

Why not get a hammock too, or double hammock, to really take your experience to the next level. Our Flite is Tentsile's lightweight 2-person Tree Tent. With its built-in no-see-um insect mesh and removable rainfly, this model is perfect for hiking and backpacking adventures with a friend. If you're going one-to-one with mother nature, and heading out alone, the UNA is exactly what you need. And make your night the most comfortable you've ever had outside of your bed with a Skypad.

To sum up, check over all your needs and make a checklist. After assessing your situation, make your decision on what tree tent you will be getting. Regardless, you'd be in for a comfortable, fun, and exhilarating experience with our Tentsile tree tents and hammocks.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want a few more pointers to help make your decisions.

Jack Thomson