A tree tent offers versatility and freedom that you won’t get with a traditional tent. Camping in the trees is not only an unforgettable experience but it is also far more comfortable than being subjected to the cold, unforgiving and uneven ground. Tentsiles are fun and portable treehouses that you can take anywhere and set up in a multitude of ways and in almost any location. In this article we will look at the three ways a Tentsile can be used; hanging out in the trees, on the ground and on the water. Even if you don’t have three trees you can use sturdy structures such as posts and your vehicle to set your tree tent up off the ground.

At Tentsile we are passionate about trees and protecting the Great Outdoors and the areas that we love to spend time in. Tentsiles were created to encourage people to spend more time with natures giants while at the same time playing our part in protecting them and camping mindfully, respecting our surrounding environment. All our Gen 3 Tree Tents come with tree protector straps to protect the bark of the trees. For more information, check out our blog ‘How to leave no trace’.

Between Trees

We have lots of useful resources on the website for setting up a Tentsile tent among the trees. Take the time before you venture out to watch the instructional videos for your tree tent model set up (and pack down) and familiarise yourself with the key points of the visual tree assessment and leave no trace principles. We would also recommend having a trial-run with setting up your tree tent so you’re not doing it for the first time when you are out in the wild. You can also download our Tree Tent Calculator app which will help you perfectly align your tree tent in a few simple steps. Also, check out our FAQ page for answers to questions like; Do the trees have to be in a perfect triangle? What are the minimum and maximum distances a Tentsile needs between trees?

How to Choose Three Trees

Setting up with Misaligned Trees

Setting up with Close Trees

On the ground

If you are wild camping or even if you are visiting a campsite, you are not always guaranteed three suitable trees to hang your tree tent from or even other sturdy structures to use as anchor points, but with Tentsile Tree Tents this doesn’t pose a problem when you have the Ground Conversion Kit. This piece of kit will transform any one, two or three person tree tent into a ground tent and includes a ground sheet, pegs and poles so it can quickly and easily be set up at ground level like a traditional tent. This accessory provides even more flexibility and camp site opportunities so if you are ever in doubt about where you need to pitch your tent, if you have space in your pack then this is a worthwhile camping gear investment. Make sure that you locate even and flat ground before pitching to ensure the most comfortable camping experience possible.

On water

The beauty of a suspended tent is that you can get really creative and adventurous with your set ups. Pitching over water is popular if you like the sound of water while you sunbathe or perhaps even want to do some fishing but watch out for bugs attracted to the water and make use of the integrated mosquito net if needed. But if you want to camp ON the water, then Tentsile have got a tent for that too! The Universe 5-person 3-element tree tent can be pitched in the air, on the ground and on the water. It has an inflatable SUP base which provides insulation but is also perfect for floating on the water. It can be set up with the removeable rain fly to create shade and makes the perfect sunbathing deck, fishing platform or water-based play structure at the lake.  

Finally, for inspiration from existing Tentsile customers and campers, check out some of their awesome set ups in locations around the world here. You can also join our Facebook Tentsile Community where you can share your adventures and ask questions, there are lots of Tentsile users out there willing to help and of course the Tentsile team.

Hannah Hughes