Tentsile Tree Tents and Hammocks are a little different to everything else available and so we imagine you have some questions. We've tried to gather all the most common enquiries on this page. If you can't find what you're looking for here, then please reach out to us and we'll try to help.


We've pulled together a quick comparison so that you can see the differences between our tents at a glance - see here. If you'd still like a  little more guidance then, get in touch via Live Chat or by email on support@tentsile.com and we'll help all we can!

For full details - see here.

Click this link to our Warranty and Repair Form. Please also download drawings for the StingrayConnectVistaFlite, UNA and Trillium, to show where the damage has occurred. Email the completed forms to repairs@tentsile.com and we will get back to with the next steps to proceed. Do not worry, we will get you back in the trees ASAP!

If, for some reason you change your mind, you can return it unopened and unused within 30 days for a full refund. Please read all our instructions on Set Up, Pack Down and Maintenance carefully, and try a practice pitch. If you still aren’t sure, just ask! We stand by the quality of our products, so if you aren’t 100% satisfied, return your clean, dry product to us. Restocking fees may apply.

Also, every Tentsile comes with a 1-year warranty as standard and our heavy-duty Safari range comes with an extended 2-year warranty.

Our product warranty does not cover ratchets, straps or commercial use. To purchase a commercial warranty, please contact support@tentsile.com.

For more info see our Product Warranty page

They are Tentsile WaterGates. Slip them onto the D-Ring to stop any water ingress during sustained periods of rain when the orange straps become fully soaked.

The Vista has a fully removable top. Fly sheet and Insect mesh both unclip from the floor to leave a fully open triple hammock. Vista also has four entry points and is a two season tent. The Stingray has an attached insect mesh, two entry points and is good for four season and therefore better for all weather camping.

All our Tree Tents and Hammocks (except the UNA, T-Mini and Flite) will hold 400kg / 970lbs. The T-Mini and Flite have a 220kg / 485lbs weight capacity and the UNA has a 100kg weight capacity. Pick your trees wisely as the tension loads are on top of these and can reach up to 15kN! No Chimneys, single brick walls or columns, etc. Please see Liability Waiver.

No, while it does make climbing into the tent easier, a ladder isn't essential. You can pick one up here.

Our Flite 2-Person Hammock Tent comes in at 3.82kg and the UNA 1-Person Hammock Tent at 2kg. For the amount of space and comfort you get compared to a hammock, the extra weight is well worth it.

All tents (3rd Generation or later) come with a 5,000 hydrostatic head waterproof rainfly as default. The Safari models have an 8,000 hydrostatic head rainfly.

Note: The UNA 1-Person Hammock Tent comes with a 2,500 hydrostatic head rainfly.

Yes! Back in 2012 the rain fly sewn onto the floor; it didn't work because rain came in through the stitching. Now the rain fly is separate and provides full cover and protection! Old reviews don't go away (but please check the dates).

Usage & Setup

No. Tentsile can find a space inside any acute-angled triangle (all angles are less than 90°).

This guide demonstrates how to find the ideal centre point and strap lengths for setting up your Tentsile Tree Tent or Hammock.

You can also download the ‘Tethered Tents’ app for iOS or Android which has been developed by a genius Tentsile owner. We’ve been out and tested the app ourselves, which works brilliantly at providing you measurements for how long each strap should be to provide the perfect pitch.

Over time, your Tentsile will stretch out a little and you may have played with the floor straps and have to re-tension. Here is a video on how to recalibrate your Tentsile's Floor.

The minimum distance needed depends on the model you choose. There are easy ways to tighten the floor right up to the tree trunk if necessary, but a rough guide is 4m for our smaller tents, and 5m for the larger ones. See our handy Comparison Chart for the sizes.

  • The maximum is only limited by the length of your ratchet straps. Each Tentsile comes with 3 x 6m straps, so the distance is about 14m, which combines two straps and the side of the tent.
  • This is usually enough but if you need more, we have extra straps and ratchets to help configure the perfect pitch! 

Retire it immediately. That means don't use it again, and make sure no one else tries to either. Send us an email with a clear picture of the issue and we'll take care of it from there. If you are in any doubt about the ratchet, it's quick and easy to check it out with us, so don't take any chances.

Take the loose tail of the ratchet strap and thread it through the ratchet handle buckle AND release lever. This gets your hand out of the way of any buckle kick-back when you release the tension! Video of this process can be seen below at 2 mins 40 secs.

Your Tentsile should be set up at a height that you would feel safe falling from. We recommend 1.2m / 4ft as a safe and easy height to use. Pictures you see of high installations have been executed by professionals with Rope Access experience.

About as much as a well-filled water bed; not much, just a gentle bounce.

Our tents are very resilient, and can take any kind of responsible use. Just remember, if the tents rockin' don't come knockin'!

No, our anti-roll straps create separate sleeping bays so everyone has their own sleeping space.

We have put together a detailed guide on tree selection to help you identify safe and healthy trees on which to anchor your Tree Tent or Hammock

No worries! You have several options. Grab a Ground Conversion Kit or Backyard Stand to set up your Tentsile on the floor. You can even opt for our very first ground tent, the LUNA.