Can you believe it? A once wistful dream of designing and making portable tree houses is now earning us a living! First of all, thank you. Without your desire to make your own way into the trees, we would never have kept going this long. A month before we made our first sale, we were already thinking about calling it a day and leaving the dream behind. Leaving it for someone with more backing, more time, more experience, but we are here! And we are getting stronger...

In the past year, we have grown from a team of 3 (not including our production team), to a team of 8, of which 6 are based full time in the U.S. and 2 of which are Americans! No applications, please! We are full for this year. Although, we do have an “Affiliates” scheme if you did want to join us!

Best of all, we have a shop in Utah! A full time, opening shop with Customer Service and a toll free phone number and a chance to meet our team and learn from them how best to make your perfect camp!

Just in the past 6 months, we have had more traffic then ever on our site, more interest and we suppose that is mostly down to you guys showing your Tentsiles off to the world as you use them!

As a thank you for all this, existing customers of ours will be offered a promo code on their next purchase and “new comers” can get the chance to win a tent of their own!!

To celebrate our 3rd birthday, we are running a prize draw whereby you can enter to win a Connect, a Stingray, or a Super Combo Deal just by donating a small amount to help us plant trees with our partners at WeForest. Hit the button on the home page to enter. Help us plant trees. Lots of them!

This year you will see some other really exciting things from the Tentsile Team and those we have plans to collaborate with. Some things that have never been done before. We hope to see you in the wilderness having a great time and sharing your photos with us on our Community Page and Social media, but mostly, we hope you continue believing in us and keep giving us your feedback so we can get better at elevating your Tentsile experience!

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Alex Shirley-Smith