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Written By Alex Shirley-Smith - February 26 2016


Tracy Johnson
July 16 2018

I’m reading this and wondering if we are eligible for a new stingray. I purchased mine through you on Amazon summer of 2016 and the first time we set it up had nothing but issues as described above. A waste of $700.

Jack Metzker
June 22 2016

I bought a display connect just to have one for a campout this last weekend and another this coming weekend. My daughter and i love the tent, it fits our less equipment is better love of camping and as i am older hammocks don’t work so well for me. This is the perfect solution for my adventuresome spirit.I did find some issues i will email you about for improvement ,, they are small and in no way curb my inthusiasm to use your tent , we can’t wait to have friends buy more connects so we can get “connected”, such fun with young adults.I am a Youth Leader in my social circle and am looking for ways to get more of these tents :)

Phil macleod
March 17 2016

I brought my stingray a year ago and have to say it still brings a smile to my face.

I’ve been in it in all weathers from -10 in Scotland to +30 in sensible weather. I have been in the best that Scotland could throw at it and it stood up to the test.
Pretty happy I wasn’t in a version one tent though :p

I have he a few issues but respect you guys more by th way you listened helped and resolved the issues promptly.

Keep the good work and company ethos up guys.

Filip Vydra
March 10 2016

This was an incredible idea and I believe it’s still gaining popularity. This is the most fantastic camping solution to rough, and wet grounds, snakes and raccoons. Just wonderful.

Dom Supertramp
February 29 2016

Your tents are awesome and I know first hand that your costumer service is insanely good. My tent leaked when i got it. I sent an e-mail on a Sunday morning and had a response only 20min later. The new tent arrived here only three days later although it had to be sent here to Switzerland. Keep doing what your doing… it’s great!

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