Tentsile’s lucky 13 tips on a warm night's sleep in the outdoors

Written By Syd Howells - December 01 2014


May 23 2016

My cousin put a nice burn hole in my nice, new tent with one of thoes “hot rocks”. So Make sure to wrap it in a cloth or something that won’t melt!

Christoph Evans
March 16 2016

Another good way to get warm is to use fleece blankets. or you can buy a roll a aero space insulation. it is a very thin metal like material avail in a 4 foot roll. not to expensive. it costs 30 dollars for 4×35 foot roll. there lay that down under the sleeping bags and it will improve the heating alot.

J Haley
September 03 2015

These are all solid suggestions that I have seen before for ground sleeping. I’d be interested in Tentsile specific suggestions. Purchase 2nd floor for Stingray. Fold fly over and secure. Maybe that “50 ft above the valley floor” but you’d have to purchase additional ladders and attach them ;<)

zip carter
December 21 2014

I find if I keep my feet warm, it helps keeping the rest of my body warm – of course, covering the head as well.
I never trip without Mr Woolly Socks I buy online.

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