As the sun begins to set on another year, it can be easy to get drawn into turning a wistful gaze onto missed opportunities - all those things you said no to because you were tired, because staying an extra couple of hours at work seemed imperative, or because the weather at the weekend just wasn't doing what you wanted it to.  

Here at Tentsile, we say no to looking back and yes to looking forward - to a bright, shiny new year; 365 days just waiting to be filled with new experiences, or to spend on reliable old favourites you've yet to share with all your friends.  

Some of the Tentsile gang contemplate the adventures 2015 will bring.  

If you're short on time and planning a new experience sounds like one more thing to add to an impossibly long to-do list, fear not - 'new' doesn't have to mean complicated, and the simplest things are often the most fun and memorable.  You could resolve to set aside one weekend a month to take your partner, kids or a bunch of friends to your nearest woodland or forest and spend a day playing in the trees.  Even easier, you could practise your outdoor skills in your back garden and try to tick them off your list as you master them, adding new accomplishments as you collect new memories.

Fun outdoor experience with friends and kids?  Tentsile shows you how it's done.

If you're looking back over your 2014 as you read this and patting yourself on the back for grabbing life with both hands, think about the little things.  Did you notice how many species of tree you were surrounded by last time you went to your favourite camping spot?  How about looking out for wildlife?  Make 2015 the year you get to know your faithful old haunts inside out - it'll only make you love them more, and if there's one thing our natural places need, it's that.

So, as the last few days of 2014 tick by, think about the adventures 2015 could bring you and let us know your plans by commenting below.  On New Year's Eve we'll be posting the Tentsile team's personal plans for next year, and we can't wait to compare notes with you all.

Alex Shirley-Smith