Why College Students Need a Hammock

College (University) life was made for hammocks & hammock-ing. Whether you're hanging out on campus or inside the dorms, both are perfect places to set up a hammock. It's a great way to create a unique study spot, or to kick back between classes and simply enjoy the afternoon breeze. You can grab one of Tentsile's larger hammock designs, which offer room for up to six people. Or you can go solo and get a nice view of campus from up in the trees.


Hanging Out & Making Friends

Using a hammock at college or university

The two most important parts of college life are studying and socializing. With a hammock you can study in style. Moreover, science has repeatedly shown that simply being outdoors can boost brain power and mood. With the right hammock, like a 3-point anchor system that stretches taut, you’ll be able to invite friends and stretch out. We'd recommend getting at least a 3-person hammock, like Tentsile's Stingray model.

You may even spot a few more hammock hangers around campus. Before you know it, you may find yourself becoming part of a hammock community!

The best place to use a hammock is obviously, outdoors, among the trees. Yet, our strap and ratchet system can also be set up indoors, on patios, balconies, or even on something like campus street lights. Do you have a place to hang a hammock near your dorm room, outside the residence hall, or in the common area? You will breathe new life into the expression “hanging out” by setting up your hammock where it can be admired and shared.

Music Festivals

Hammocks at music festivals

If you are taking a trip to a music festival to see some of your favorite bands, you’ll be spending the day (or days) outdoors. While open lawns aren’t hammock-friendly, many music festivals are ringed by forests. Set up your hammock, and you’ll have a nice retreat for privacy or spending the night. Hammocks are far easier to transport than most tents, being lighter weight and packing down to a smaller size.

You can bring the hammock and see what the lay of the land is. We expect that you'll be able to find a place to set it up after a little sleuthing. Once it's up and ready to rock, you’ll be the envy of passersby, as you look down on the crowds from your own personal island in the sky.


College kids with hammock

Sporting events are excellent for hammocks—especially during the pre-game festivities. A vehicle or two provides a way to tie up your 2-point or 3-point anchor system. Tentsile's taut hammocks can create two distinct spaces: one above for sitting or laying in, and one below for shade. Any tailgating party can benefit from a taut hammock in numerous ways. It provides a table, a lounger and/or a way to mark your group’s territory. There are so many creative ways to use this type of hammock for tailgating. Plus, it's sure to attract and impress fellow tailgaters!

Road Tripping

Road Trip with a Hammock

College means road trips, whether for Spring Break or a long weekend. You’ll use your hammock at the campgrounds you find along the way, or it can be an easy and unobtrusive way to sleep on a friend’s patio or deck of a friend. When you bring your own hammock, you are the perfect guest since you can be self-sufficient.

Hammocks are excellent tent alternatives, and since Tentsile offers such a wide variety of different sizes and designs, you'll find one that fits all your needs. Our "tree tents" offer a vestibule, plenty of floor space, and an easy to use 3-point ratchet and strap anchor system. They also have a rain fly to protect you from the elements. Plus, the larger models offer a portal that you can climb through to reach the floating bed/tent above.

Whatever your college priorities, a hammock is quite nearly a must-have item. Especially, if you like to spend your spare time outdoors!

October 26, 2020 — Ryan W

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