A Mile in Their Shoes

Written By Alex Shirley-Smith - May 14 2017


June 06 2017

As a philosopher working in ethics, I am always somewhat sensitive to ethics within power structures. You, as an owner of a company, are in such a power structure with your employees, and so I was pleased to read this blog that discusses your experiences and factory in China.

I also own one of your Connect tents and am interested to discover that it is made by hand. I am also less worried by flaws in the products, understanding that things made by people occasionally bear witness to human imperfections.

I am most impressed, however, by your attention to detail and your commitment to the environment (for instance, your commitment to planting trees and producing and providing ‘No Trace Kits’). I would be very interested to know whether or not you had investigated the potential of powering your factory with sustainable energy — knowing that China is investing heavily in that area.

I adore my tent and I am proud to say that I bought it from a company that seems to have some sense of ethical responsibilities. Like me, the tent is different, unique, and resolves a problem that people didn’t know they had. Epictetus noted, and I think it is true of me as well, that “I seek always to be the purple thread in the toga — but I want to be the purple; that touch of brilliance which gives distinction and beauty to the rest.” I think this is also perhaps true of Tentsile; try not to lose sight of this ideology as you become more successful.

Thank you for letting it be the case that I may make these claims assuredly.

Kirstie Grego
May 17 2017

Leffe, what a great comment – thank you very much! Wishing you many more adventures with your Connect :)

May 15 2017

As a proud owner of the connect; I believe the Tentsiles are an ingenious work of art and worth their weight in gold and I’d embrace every flaw I may stumble upon.
I would hand it in to the nearest tailor to fix what’s defect/damaged and salute you meanwhile.
Cheers from Sweden

May 15 2017

Sy sudah tiga minggu bermimpi memiliki tenda tentsile.

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