There are few things that knock us off course; we have an agenda and we like sticking to it. We want to plant trees, we want to get people into the trees, and we want to blog about it! That’s what the #BecomeOneOfTheMillion campaign is all about. And by and large, in our own little way, we are doing a pretty good job. We’re happy. Yes, it might be slow  - we can’t plant 50 million trees in one day like they did in India - nor can we magically get everyone up into the trees - but we are planting, slowly, and people are sending in selfies of themselves in trees, slowly, and we’re blogging about it. Slowly. And that’s good enough for us. Indeed, there’s something to be said about slow and steady.

But when John from The Big Canopy Campout got in touch with his plans to get hundreds of people around the world up into the trees simultaneously, we simply had no choice but to scrap what was originally planned for the blog (we’re still planting lots of trees, by the way!) and get involved with their plan. That’s right, you heard, The Big Canopy Campout are running a get-lots-of-people-into-the-trees event. It is an awesome idea (and I don’t use words like awesome lightly!). Supporting them was simply an offer we simply couldn’t refuse.

So, what is the big idea?

Essentially, the plan is to raise awareness for the plight of our natural planet. With years of experience working within magnificent forests around the world, The Big Canopy Campout Team decided it’s time to come together and support trees and forests in a new and exciting way, a way that engages, a way that is fun, a way in which everyone can join in, so we can keep forests alive for future generations to enjoy. Oh, and save the planet (let’s not forget the minor details!). That’s the plan. You can see why Tentsile offered our support, right? Because they share the idea that if we’re hanging out in trees, they can’t be chopped down! 

So where are they doing this?

The short answer is all over the world. Yes, somehow, through sheer will and determination, they have secured locations in (take a long breath!) New Zealand, Tasmania, Australia, Papua New Guinea, four sites in Borneo (Kinabatangan, Danum Valley, Maliau basin and the world’s tallest tropical tree), Peninsular Malaysia (Penang Habitat), United Kingdom in Oxford, Eden and the Isle of Wight, the Caledonian Forest and Stornaway, also Canada, Puerto Rica, Costa Rica, Japan, Taiwan, China (the Xishuangbanna Canopy Crane Research Site), the United States in Virginia, Oregon and Washington, Maui, and hopefully in other far-off locations such as Madagascar, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan. Whoa… that’s a long list of locations. And registration has only just opened! Gosh, exciting!

What’s more, for people who want to just get out and camp by themselves or with their families, The Big Canopy Campout has organised some extra special locations across the UK, such as Kitewood Camping in Pembrokeshire, Dernwood wild camping in East Sussex, Ashbourne Woods in Devon, and Orchard Campsite in Suffolk, which have offered to take part as a special collaboration for this event. And of course, for any advice on wild camping, you can always look to Phoebe Smith, the expert wild camper, who herself will be taking a Tentsile into the trees. 

So as you can see, there is a lot to shout about. And this is only the beginning. The Big Canopy Campout will be on the 24th June 2017, and Tentsile hopes to follow the journey. We will be in close contact with their team, and will work with them to get as many people in the trees as possible. We want people getting up and exploring the canopies, and sending in your #SelfieInATree, so that we can share everyone’s experiences together. If you want to join in the fun and sleep in a tree, simply get out there and do it! Get in touch and get up a tree. And #BecomeOneOfTheMillion.

Jethro Shirley-Smith