We’ve never been the type to follow the crowd. That’s why our ground-breaking designs made the headlines back when we launched all those years ago – we do things differently here at Tentsile. Everywhere you look prices are rising. Inflation has been at record highs for the last 18 months – the highest we’ve seen since the 70’s. The cost of goods and services had skyrocketed – sea freight shipping costs quadrupled, our weekly food shops have shot up, and every part of the supply chain has increased in cost from materials to labour. Many brands are having to put their prices up to cover these rises, whilst some corporations have been accused of profiteering by artificially hiking prices to make a quick buck.

Not us.

We’ve decided to break the mould. We stand by our core mission to get folk out into Nature, benefitting from the abundant benefits that come from spending time Outdoors. At a time when our pockets are all feeling tighter than usual, we are bucking the trend by putting our customers first, and profits second. Which is why we are excited to tell you that we are dropping our prices on our 3 all time customers’ favourites – The Stingray 3 person Tree Tent, the Trillium 3 person hammock, and the Trillium XL 6 person hammock. It’s not a sale, nor a flash in the pan promotion to shift more stock. We are taking are prices down as far as we can manage just  in time for the start of the season, and passing all of those savings on to you.

A note from the CEO:

After a turbulent few years in the global economy, we know that many are struggling to make ends meet, and people are understandably prioritising the necessities. At Tentsile we see spending time out in Nature as just that – an integral part of a well balanced and healthy lifestyle. As a company, we are going to be spending more time outdoors than ever this year, and so we thought you should too. We don't run this company for a quick buck. We do it from a place a genuine passion for the Great Outdoors.  We remain three brothers who wanted to enable people to have more fun and comfort in the trees. It just happened to turn out, that a lot of you wanted that too!  

There are countless reasons that spending time in nature is good for us. Fresh air, Vitamin D and space to think, away from the bustle and overstimulation of civilisation. The reminder that we are a small but significant part of this vibrant global ecosystem that we call home – and the stillness and calm that can often only be found deep in the Forest. The popularity of the digital detox continues to rise, as more people see the value in disconnecting with our screens, and reconnecting with nature; and ourselves. This week also happens to Mental Health Awareness week, so what a fitting time to empower more people to take the leap into tree camping and carving out time for some R&R in the wild, by making our pricing more accessible for all.

Stingray 3 person Tree Tent – was $849, now $699


The Tentsile Stingray is our flagship 3-Person Tree Tent - delivering the most unique and comfortable way of enjoying time in the trees, with enough space to sleep up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids. Super strong and durable, this product is a "treehouse in a bag" and perfect for those who want to take their comfort camping experience to the next level! The Stingray's acclaimed design has been featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and won multiple international awards for its design, functionality and practicality. It can be set up over any type of terrain and offers increased separation from the cold wet ground and those pesky critters and other creepy crawlies!

Trillium XL 6 person giant hammock – was $549, now $449

The Trillium XL is the largest and most comfortable hammock in the world, with space for up to 6 adults or 10 kids! Made from our signature black mesh for perfect comfort and support, this is the ultimate hang out!  Reinforced by 20+ metres of seatbelt webbing and secured using out 5 ton heavy-duty ratchets and straps, the Trillium XL is also constructed using Tentsile's patented anti-roll system, which create three separate bay that stop everyone rolling into the middle. 

Trillium 3 person hammock – was $399, now $299

The Trillium giant 3-person hammock provides an unbeatable suspended experience for relaxing and lounging outdoors.  Super big, super strong and super fun, the Trillium creates a cloud-like platform superior to any hammock experience you have ever had whether you use in the backyard or the backcountry, and ideal for sharing with your family or friends.

Perfect for setting up in the garden, the campsite or at your basecamp as a hangout spot for the whole camping trip, the Trillium is easy to use and convenient enough to be pitched on a whim for a family picnic in the woods.

All of our gear is easy to set up in less than 15 minutes (after 3-4 practice runs), and we have handy video guides for each model to make your life a breeze. They’re all crafted to the highest possible quality standards in our purpose-built factory, meaning that your Tentsile will last you for many years of adventures, and with a capacity rating ranging from 880lbs/400kgs to 1200lbs/550kg, for each of the models listed above. You know you’re in safe hands with our Kit. That’s why we’ve had stellar reviews from over 1500 happy customers, and incredible write ups from the best in the business, from Outside Magazine, Gear Junkie and Backparker Magazine’s expert gear editors who have all put out products through their paces.

Got questions? Our awesome team is here to answer any queries you might have about your purchase, and we promise customer service that is second to none. So go on – supercharge your Summer with our new lower prices. See you in the Forest, Tentsile campers!


Kirstie Grego