All over the world people are taking to the trees and hanging out like never before! How do we know this? Well, not only have sales helped the planting of 1,000,000 trees, but the Tentsile Team has gone out and seen it for ourselves! Over the past few weeks, members of the Tentsile Tribe from all over the globe have gathered at our very first official Tentsile Camp Outs…

First, we kicked off July with our Tentsile Camp Out Europe, in Dobbiaco, Italy, making this the largest tree camp IN THE WORLD. Record Breakers!! But up at 1200 metres, there were challenges; we battled time and endured torrents of alpine rain and plummeting temperatures as the team set up camp fast, before everyone arrived! And as people appeared from Holland, Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Hungary, even Mexico and beyond, the worries and stresses of organising began to fade: The Tentsile Tribe had arrived and were ready to party!

Even though the occasional downpour threatened to ruin our inaugural Tentsile Camp Out, we showed mother nature the tough stuff we’re made off; tightening ratchets and pegging out rainflies meant that everyone slept dry and spirits stayed high (the beer and food included also helped!). We awoke to a break in the clouds, perfect timing for yoga by the lake, slack-lining and tree climbing in truly spectacular scenery. Our amazing group of kids, couples, friends and solo travellers finished off the festivities with music by the campfire, all now officially part of the Tentsile Tribe.

 Then came the US Tentsile Camp Out, a chance for America to show us how big they could go. And America does BIG very well! Piercy, California played host to 75 people all looking to elevate their camping experience in 60 Tentsile tree tents, instantly smashing all previous records for the world’s largest Tentsile tree camp! The team certainly got creative, setting up an incredible mega stack of 7 Tentsiles, an amazing sight our guests won’t soon forget. 

 While the Europe Camp Out danced in the rain, our US Tentsile Tribe enjoyed stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and even a live band under the California sun. Great food, great company and a great weekend in the woods was exactly what the doctor ordered! 

(US photo credit: Christoper Medak)

Not often enough for a tree tent company do we get the chance to meet face-to-face with the people that make Tentsile what it is. Like so many others we also have to work to get away from the screens and distractions of everyday life. But when we do, wow is it worth it! Camp Outs this summer have proven that neither wind nor rain, distance nor distraction, can stop the Tentsile Tribe from taking to the trees. 2017 was just the start of Tentsile events, so watch this space to see how you can join our community and #BecomeOneOfTheMillion.


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