Here at Tentsile, we’ve always prided ourselves on our innovative spirit, creativity and the versatility of our products. Our latest creation the Tentsile Universe is no different, in fact, the Tentsile Universe is our most revolutionary, ground-breaking model yet! Unlike anything that’s ever existed, it's the only tent that can conquer land, sea, and air!

Part portable treehouse, part paddleboard, and all part awesome-  it’s the perfect family tent for all your outdoor adventures. As Alex, our CEO, says: “This world-first addresses the need to have an all-terrain, multi-use, fun-packed product that encourages both adventurous play and basic practical needs in any environment.” 

Join us, ahead of the March 18th launch for a sneak peek of the Tentsile Universe’s key features and find out what industry experts have to say about this game-changing product…

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On the Water

Whether you’re looking to lounge lakeside, float out to your favourite fishing spot or simply have a fun-packed, swimming accessory for the kids- the Tentsile Universe is your oyster! Designed in conjunction with Glide paddleboards, its 3 inch, drop stitch, inflatable floor, combines with the 3000hh, high-quality, rainfly to create a floating structure you can take for a relaxing day out on the water.

Tentsile Universe Family Tent

The Universe converts from a family-sized Tree or ground Tent to water mode in less than 5 minutes! Simply remove the insect mesh and roll back the rainfly doors to create an incredibly stable, three-person, SUP-style, raft with unbeatable views. Thanks to its rigid structure and sunshade kids can use this as a swimming pontoon to play on all day long!

The fun doesn’t stop on the water! This all-terrain, multifunctional, product has been specifically designed with family camping adventures in mind. The Tentsile Universe can be used as a spacious, ground tent, or you can be set up as one of our more traditional Tree Tents and elevate your camping experience.

On the Ground

Already planning your next family camping expedition or day trip? Thanks to its roominess, numerous access points, and in-built, padded floor the Tentsile Universe is the perfect base camp for any holiday.

Tentsile Universe Family Tent

In ground mode, it holds up to five adults or a large family. Its generous, internal living and storage space is accentuated by three large porches which total to a huge 237sqf/22sqm of floor area, giving you plentiful shelter for dining, sleeping, play and relaxation. Plus, with 5.9ft/1.8m of headspace, you can even stand up inside. Thanks to the Tentsile Universe, cricked necks and cramped sleeping quarters will be a thing of the past!

Ground mode set-up takes approximately 15 minutes and has never been easier. Everything you need comes included and packs up into one neat, top-loading, trolley bag.  Not only will you receive the tent, rainfly and ratcheting system, we’ll also provide; 3 porch groundsheets, an electric car pump, a collapsible galvanized steel anchor and 30 metres of rope. You can camp confidently, knowing that all your needs will be covered whether you’re setting up on the ground, in the air, or on the water.

In the Air

If you’re familiar with Tentsile you’ll know that we create awesome Tree Tents so that you can spend time in the forest, fully immersed in nature. Our portable treehouses allow you to camp suspended above the ground in complete comfort whilst giving you unobstructed views of the canopy overhead. We didn’t want the Tentsile Tribe to miss out on elevating their camping experience with the Tentsile Universe, so we’ve ensured that it’s optimised for ground, water and air mode.

Tentsile Universe Family Tent

The Tentsile Universe can comfortably accommodate three adults (or two adults and two children) along with all their gear in air mode.  It has unrivalled headroom and a rigid, hammock base that you can walk on. This floor can be inflated by either a hand or car pump, which makes pitching quicker and easier, giving a sturdy and comfortable base on which to camp. It’s also possible to modify the base’s air pressure when in ground mode, to ensure you get the best nights’ sleep possible.

This 4-season, family Tree Tent offers additional weather protection thanks to its distinct lateral wing cut that keeps gear and ground dry below. Why not add a Trillium or Trillium XL Hammock underneath to create a hammock tent 'Stack’ for a multi-story camping solution.

The Tentsile Universe will revolutionise your camping holidays, but don’t just take our word for it. Click here to check out the awards it’s won and what industry experts have to say about our latest addition to the Tentsile range.

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* Only available until March 18th

Alex Shirley-Smith