Introducing the Tentsile Universe, the world’s first 3 element tent! It can be set up on the ground, suspended in the air between trees, or floating on the water ( watch video ).  This ground breaking product will revolutionise your camping holidays forever, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out the awards it’s won and what industry experts have to say about our latest addition to the Tentsile range…

The Award-Winning Tentsile Universe

From the offset the Tentsile Universe has been making a splash in the outdoors industry, so much so it won 3 awards during last summer’s trade shows, including:-

The Manual’s Best Innovation:

“Hot off the immense popularity of its suspended Tree Tents, Tentsile decided to go one better and amp up the basic Tree Tent format to be the ultimate tent transformer.…Never before have we seen a tent that can be used on land, water, and in the air.”

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The Gear Institute’s Gear of the Year:

…a good platform to relax and enjoy the hot summer weather, then that evening on the shore suspend it from the trees or pitch it for a good night’s rest.”

Men’s Journal’s Best in Show:

The Coolest Pieces of Gear We Saw at Outdoor Retailer…an amphibious tent that can also be suspended from trees, Tentsile’s Universe isn’t an April Fool’s joke, it’s an actual floating tent. …this roomy model is a perfect base camp [and] it’s a stable SUP-style raft for on-water chilling.

The Tentsile Universe in the News

While we could go on, and on, about the publications that have featured the Tentsile, we won’t. Here’s a snapshot on some of the magazines who got to test out this innovative, floating tent before it hits the market on March 18th and what they made of it.

Gear Junkie

During last year’s OR show Gear Junkie and our very own Rob took one of the very first Tentsile Universe Tent’s out on its maiden voyage. Find out how they got in this video:

“It was surprisingly stable, more so than a standup paddleboard, and shielded us from the sun…As we drifted downstream, we approached 20 feet of rapids. On a whim, we decided to take the Universe down the fast and rocky section. And it survived, handling the whitewater no problem!”

 Outside Online Magazine

“[the Universe’s] versatility could make for some legendary car-camping trips and family excursions…a comfortable close-to-home winter-camping companion- that SUP bottom provides ample insulation to keep your backside warm when the temperature drops. 

The Lonely Planet

"From rustic bubble tents created for stargazing to decadent mountain glampsites with stunning vistas, today’s global travellers have a wealth of unique options available to them when it comes to immersing themselves in the great outdoors. The industry’s latest creation is no different; a dynamic tent that can be adapted to work on land, sea, and air."



We couldn’t be more excited about the Tentsile Universe’s reception within the industry and can’t wait to launch it to the public next month. Don’t forget if need to get your hands on our latest and greatest gear before anyone else you can pre-order the Universe now! Click here to find out more.

Alex Shirley-Smith