Valentine’s is nearly upon us…and whether you’re picking up the perfect present for your other half, looking for a solo adventure or hanging with friends, we’ve got February 14th all wrapped up. From our iconic 1 and 2 person Tree Tents, cool combo deals and awesome giant hammocks, we’ve got everything you need to begin your love affair with the great outdoors!

1. Time for Yourself and Time Together

Let’s face it not everyone enjoys camping in close quarters! Whether you’re setting off on a solo adventure, celebrating the holiday by hanging with friends or love your partner as well as your personal space- the UNA Tree Tent could be the answer.

Tentsile UNA Tree Tent valentine's day

This ultralight, 1 person hammock tent is perfect for fastpacking adventurers who want to venture even further into the wilderness. If this wasn’t enough of a reason to go for the UNA this Valentine’s- from February 11th-14th you can buy one UNA and get a second half price by using the UNADUODEAL discount code.* Click here to buy now.

2. Planning the perfect Double Date or Family Get-together?

Why not combine forces with friends or even family this Valentine’s to create an epic basecamp with our camping stacks and bundle deals.

Tentsile Tree Tent Combo Deals

Create a tree fort right in your backyard that sleeps up to 5 people or hang out in an awesome foursome thanks to our 2-3 person Tree Tent and giant hammock packages. Everything you need for a fun-filled, relaxing camping experience comes included and is just a fraction of the price!

3. Get a room…outside!

Instead of falling in line behind other last-minute-gift-getters at the flower shop, or being crammed into a crowded restaurant, why not treat yourself and a partner to breathtaking views in exceptional places. Check out the National Parks near you and discover all the places you can enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

What better way to sit back and bask in the spectacular views than hanging out in suspended comfort with our Vista Tree Tent.

Tentsile Vista Tree Tent with couple

Use the Vista as a spacious 3 person giant hammock or add the UV-resistant sunshade for extra protection while still enjoying an open view on all sides. Just think of all the places where you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the beautiful backdrop!

4. A Romantic Retreat for Two!

Are you ready for a romantic getaway with a special someone? If you are, our 2 person, Flite & Connect Tree Tents combine two glorious things – the outdoors and your loved one!

Escape to the beach or head out for a wild weekend in the woods. The Connect is the perfect combination of form and function with plenty of headspace and storage. Ideal for couples who’re hitting the road to seek out new adventures together. While the lighter, Flite Tree Tent is the best choice for those who’re looking to pick up their backpacks and go wherever their wandering spirit takes them.

 5. Love the Planet this Valentine’s

Don’t forget 20 trees are planted for every Tree Tent and giant hammock you buy! So, whether you’d like to make a direct donation to plant trees with us or take to the trees with Tentsile, we’ll be sharing the love with the environment no matter what!


*2 UNA's must be purchased in the same transaction to qualify for 50% off second UNA Tree Tent.

Alex Shirley-Smith