Happy Earth Day Tentsile Tribe! This year's event marks the 49th ever Earth Day, since its inception in 1970, where, millions of people took to the streets to protest the negative impacts of 150 years of industrial development. Today, more than 1 billion people all over the world take part in what is the largest civic-focused day of action in the world.

Let's face it, as Kermit says, ‘It's not easy being green'. However, in our latest blog, we'll be sharing easy ways to incorporate environmentalism into your everyday life. Plus, we'll let you know how we're doing our bit to protect the planet!

#BecomeOneOfTheMillion 680,000 trees planted & counting

Tentsile was born from our love of trees and the belief that they could be best protected by enabling people to live in harmony with their natural environment

We've teamed up with a whole host of incredible tree planting partners, conservation projects and eco-organisations across the world in our fight for reforestation. Back in 2017, we embarked on a 5-year mission to plant 1 MILLION TREES. We're delighted to say that we've almost reached the halfway mark, but need your help to reach this milestone. Together, we can build a blueprint for a greener future!

Our environmental goals don't just end with planting trees, oh no! We are also dedicated to taking care of the amazing forests that already exist and ensuring the great outdoors stay that way. So, without further ado, here are our top 10 tips to make Earth Day is every day with Tentsile Tree Tents:

1. Get outside

What better way to protect the planet than spending more time in the places you love! Whether you like to; chill out in your backyard, take to the trees in your local park, or, venture forth on an adventure, nature is all around and there to be experienced! With everyone's busy schedules it's easy to forget that we all need to unplug to reconnect and recharge at times.

2. Get elevated

Not only do our Tree Tents and hammocks all you to hang in suspended comfort but, they also ensure that you can camp in harmony with the natural environment. Being off the ground ensures that any sensitive plants or insects won't be disturbed and you can Leave the grass looking as lush and green as you found it

We've always worked in close collaboration with arborists to ensure that our products have a minimal impact so that eco-conscious campers can experience the outdoors without worrying about their environmental footprint. We've even developed the purpose-made No Trace Kit with industry experts to offer extra protection to those species of trees with sensitive bark.

3. Get Recycling

The U.S. alone sends about 21 billion pounds of textile waste to landfills every year, that roughly equates to around 37kg on average per person.*

As a company, we strive to produce as little waste as possible in whatever way we can. We recycle our Tents and Hammocks wherever possible with our pre-loved range. We also offer an Upcycling Program where you can trade in your old Tent or Hammock to be recycles and receive a discount on your next purchase in return!


 4. Get informed

April marks the 4th year anniversary of Tentsile & Leave No Trace partnership. This organisation protects the outdoors by teaching people to enjoy it responsibly.  

Become a Leave No Trace member today for your chance to with a Connect Tree Tent and No Trace Kit, and if you needed even more of an incentive, we'll plant 1 tree for every sign-up!

 Enter here: https://lnt.org/give/giveaway 

We're probably all well-versed in the problems affecting our planet, but what about the solutions? Project Drawdown is a non-profit organisation that gathers together the best available information on climate solutions. Discover their 100 solutions to reverse global warming today and take a pro-active step towards change!


5. Get involved

We're proud to say that we're members of 1% For The Planet, European Outdoor Conservation Association, Outdoor Industry Association and the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. As well as pledging to plant 20 trees for every Tree Tent and hammock sold with WeForest, Eden Reforestation Projects and Arbor Day Foundation in projects located across the world.

If you're looking for ways to get involved why not make a donation to plant some trees with us. It's a quick and easy way to do your part. Or, you could find green volunteering opportunity local to you, by using Tentsile retailer, REI's Get Out and Volunteer search engine!

There you have it, 5 easy ways to make environmentalism more than just an annual activity!



*Recycling Council of Ontario https://wrwcanada.com/en/our-themes/waste-reduction-week-daily-themes/textiles-tuesday

Alex Shirley-Smith