Plant Trees With Tentsile

$ 1.00 USD

Help protect the planet by planting trees starting from just $1. We work with independent conservation partners to plant trees around the globe, helping various conservation projects. Lean more about our tree planting.


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Product Overview

Help protect the planet by planting trees starting from just $2

We believe that reforestation is the most effective way of combating climate change today.

Big change starts small. It starts with you.

For every tree planting donation you make, we will match it!

We work in partnership with WeForest and Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees in projects located in Zambia, India and Madagascar.

Offset your emissions with Tentsile:

  • Planting 5 trees with Tentsile will cancel out the emissions of a 1100km return plane journey from London to Edinburgh.[1]
  • Plant 25 trees with Tentsile to offset the carbon footprint of a 3000km car journey. Approx. the distance from Colorado to New York![2]
  • Not only is planting trees positive for the planet, but it also provides local communities with vital livelihoods. Our planting partner Eden Reforestation Projects have already created 2.2 million workdays in Madagascar alone![3]

Let’s work together to build the blueprint for a greener future!

[1] Journey emits approx. 193kg/CO2 into the atmosphere. Planting just 5 trees with Tentsile absorbs 210kg. (based on 1 tree absorbing on average 21kg of CO2 in a year and tree donation matching)

[2] Journey emits approx. 847kg/CO2. Planting 25 trees up to 1050kg.