Are you tired of tent camping? Hammock camping opens up new opportunities for where you can camp and who you can camp with, without compromising on weight or comfort. Hammocks are as suitable for pitching deep in the backcountry as they are for relaxing with family in your own backyard.

Whether you need a single hammock for a solo trip or something more robust for camping in the winter, Tentsile has a hammock for you. In this guide:

Hiking and Backpacking

You may enjoy staying on a campsite, but sometimes you just want to venture further and see more of nature. Lightweight camping hammocks provide unrivalled portability and versatility, allowing you to set up and pack away easily in a variety of locations otherwise inaccessible with a traditional tent.

Ultralight gear is important for hiking and backpacking trips, and a Tentsile camping hammock is a simple yet effective solution that won’t take up too much room in your bag or stuff sack. After a long day of hiking, you don’t want to tackle an unnecessarily complex setting up process—that’s why our lightweight camping hammocks are fast to pitch so you can spend your evenings relaxing.

Lightweight hammocks are also compatible with many other hammocks and tree tents, so are the perfect addition to our famous Tentsile stack system if you’re camping as a group and need some extra storage space.

For more information, read our guide to the Best Lightweight Camping Hammocks for Hiking and Backpacking.

Lightweight Hammocks for Solo Camping

The perfect lightweight camping hammock should be around 3 kg or less. They should be easy to carry and quick to set up, while also offering a comfortable night’s sleep in a safe spot suspended from wet or uneven ground.

The Tentsile Solo weighs just 2 lbs and takes up very little room in your bag, so you have plenty of space to pack other essentials like a sleeping bag or a sleeping pad. Like other camping hammocks and tree tents from Tentsile, the Solo is made from robust and durable heavy-duty nylon-polyester mesh.

The UNA 1-Person weighs 3.13 lbs and comes with a rain fly and bug net. Though it’s just as easy as the Solo to install, the UNA has a three-point anchor system so requires three tree or anchor points (unlike the Solo which only needs two). This is the perfect lightweight solution for camping trips requiring more protection from the weather and insects.

To learn more about lightweight camping hammocks for solo camping adventures, check out our guide.

Camping in Different Seasons

If you’re a regular camper, you’ll know to expect the unexpected when it comes to the weather. The spring and summer can bring sunshine and warmth but also intermittent showers, whereas autumn and winter are typically windy, rainy, cold and snowy.

Luckily, you can get a hammock that suits your camping needs no matter the time of year. Tentsile camping hammocks allow you to venture further as all you need in addition to your gear are two to three sturdy trees or anchor points depending on the hammock you take with you.

The type of camping hammock you opt for should be informed by the number of occupants and the intended use. All Tentsile camping hammocks are fitted with insect mesh and removable rainflies, perfect for protecting sleeping campers in the summer months. The Safari range are the most robust hammock models and are capable of withstanding extreme heat and 3,500 hours of sun exposure.

Camping in the cooler months requires a few extra pieces of gear like the SkyPad inflatable mattress to help you stay warm in the night, so you need a lightweight hammock that doesn’t take up too much space in your bag. The Safari Trillium 3-Person Camping Hammock is heavy-duty and ideal for small groups, whereas the ultralight T-Mini 2-Person Double is a lightweight alternative for couples or solo campers.

Our guide Camping Hammocks for the Different Seasons covers single and multi-season hammocks in more detail, as well as some hammock camping tips.

View our full range of camping hammocks or contact our team today if you would like more expert advice for your next camping trip.

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