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Different types of hammocks

With different types of hammocks to choose from, decisions can be difficult. This section will provide information on different sizes, weights and designs.

Understanding Different Camping Hammock Types

Camping hammocks are designed with portability and outdoor use in mind. They differ from the traditional hammock set-up in that they are intended to be pitched in trees or at a basecamp for sleeping and relaxing in...

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Single person hammocks

A guide to our best hammocks for solo camping trips.

Birds eye view of Tentsile Two Person Hammock

Two-person hammocks

Hammocks with a bit more space for camping as a couple.

Tentsile Two Person Hammock

What to look for in two-person hammocks

Things to consider for a two-person hammock, from weight to set-up, and portability to durability.

Tentsile Three Person Hammock

Three-person hammocks

A guide to load capacity, set-up, comfort and accessories for camping hammocks intended for small groups.

Tentsile Hammock over water

Best Lightweight Camping Hammock for Hiking & Backpacking

A guide on the best lightweight camping hammocks.

Family on Tentsile Hammock

What to Look for in a Family Camping Hammock

A guide on the best family camping hammocks

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