Awesome Accessories to Upgrade Your Hammock Camping

Hammock camping, as opposed to conventional tent camping, is sometimes the most ideal option for campers. If you’re trying to save weight on a backpacking trip, or if you’re heading into the thicket of a forest during a warm summer weekend, you may want to avoid the usual frustrations of tent camping.

But, is there more to hammock camping than simply tying up to a couple of trees and falling fast asleep to cricket sounds and twinkling starlight? It turns out—yes. Especially for campers keen on having a comfortable, undisturbed, night of sleep. So, here’s some awesome gear that’s sure to upgrade your hammock camping game.

Sky-Pad Air Mattress

Sky Pad Air Mattress

A mattress? For a hammock? Yes, this is real. Our Sky-Pad Air Mattress fits in our Tree Tents and hammocks, providing comfort, warmth, and downright coziness throughout the night. The pad contains a non-slip base for stability. It won’t be slipping around while you adjust yourself into that comfortable sleeping position. This hammock gear is made with top quality, comfort, and innovation in mind. The pads can be clipped together to fit our larger models, and of course, work in other tents and hammocks, too.

Large Double-Bubble Insect Mesh

Double Bubble Insect Mesh

When summer hits, many campers leave their conventional tents and warm sleeping bags at home, and opt to pack up their hammocks instead. But with the warmth of the season comes the pesky bugs that can easily ruin a night out on the hammock.

The solution?

Our Large Double-Bubble Insect Mesh. This is a large insect mesh that will cover your hammock or tree tent with wind-breaking and insect-repellent properties.

The Double Bubble joins our Trillium Hammocks and Tree Tents together to provide a bug-proof enclosure when camping over multiple levels. The Large Double Bubble is compatible with the Stingray, Vista, and the Stealth. Additionally, the Small Double Bubble is compatible with the Connect. This hammock gear is key to insect-proofing a night out in the woods!

The Double Bubbles can also be used with the Ground Conversion Kits so you can create a ground stack with separate living and sleeping spaces.

Trapezium Tent Wall

 Trapezium Tent Wall

Weather is a factor for camping no matter what the season. And for those wanting to prevail on their hammock camping trip despite rain and/or wind in the forecast, our Trapezium Tent Wall provides optimal weather protection. They’re extremely lightweight, waterproof, and provide privacy when needed. They are made to fit our 2-person and 3-person tents and contain strong anchor points for optimal security when pegged in place. Note that the Trapezium Tent Wall should not be used in winds any higher than 25kmph. The wind load could possibly pull the pegs out of the ground.

6 FT Lightweight Webbing Ladder

Webbing Ladder - 6 feet

It’s best to avoid leaving this light piece of essential hammock camping gear at home. This is especially true for those who want their overnight experience to reside especially high in the trees. The ladder makes it very easy to climb into your hammock or tree tent and is especially useful for multi-story Tentsile stacks.

The ladder is 6 feet long and is powerfully reinforced with 114-gram polyester fiber. This is the strongest webbing ladder on the market! The ladder is designed to fit many tree tents including:

We have lots of ways you can accessorize your hammock – take a look at all of our Tree Tents and Hammock Accessories!

Ryan W