If you’re looking for a camping solution for you and three friends on your backpacking travels together, why not try something different from ground camping and instead take to the trees for your next adventure. 

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What is a camping hammock?

Who doesn’t love wiling away the hours relaxing in a hammock, reading a book or watching the world go by? There are lots of different hammocks to choose from on the market now and while the traditional hammock is still popular for daytime relaxing, generally you will want a different style and level of comfort to ensure restful sleep through the night. Camping hammocks are mostly used by campers who are on the move and need to set up camp in a different spot each night so reduced weight and pack size is key. Camping hammocks have been designed with just that in mind.

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Benefits of camping hammocks

The design features of a camping hammock compared to a traditional crescent-shaped hammock are focused around adding comfort, keeping the hammock lightweight and portable and affording the camper the freedom to wild camp anywhere.

Freedom to camp anywhere

If you’re backpacking, hiking, cycling or moving from place to place and wild camping as you go, then hammock camping opens up new possibilities. You don’t need to find flat ground as long as you have trees or anchor points for your pitch. If you’re not planning on venturing far or if you’re travelling by car then hammock stands pack away small and will provide the all-important anchor points even if there are no trees in sight.

Lighter and smaller than a tent

Hammocks don’t require poles or heavy components. At most you may need some carabiners and the additional length of hammock straps but they are comparatively lightweight which is important when you have other camping gear to carry.

Sleep better in a floating tent

Comfort is key and when you are suspended mid-air you don’t have to worry about the lumps and bumps of the hard ground spoiling your sleep. In cooler climates you may want to insulate with a sleeping mat and sleeping bag but in good weather conditions, the support of the hammock and a cooling breeze is the simple pleasure of hammock camping.

Considerations for four person camping hammocks

Hammocks come in all shapes and sizes but here are some features to think about when you are going to the larger end of the scale.

Load capacity

You will need to ensure that your hammock will be able to take your weight and the weight of others. Tentsile Trillium XL 6-person tent can comfortably fit a large group (six adults or nine kids) in a single hammock.


Most hammocks will come with all the equipment you will need for set-up. But depending on where you are camping and the time of year, you may need some additional equipment such as a bug net, sleeping bag or sleeping mat. There may be options that are compatible with your specific model of hammock.


Consider how the hammock will affect your pack size if you are planning to carry everything with you and learn the best way to decrease the weight of your what you are carrying around with you.


An essential factor for a good night's sleep. Tentsile’s technology ensures taut and comfortable sleeping with separate bays to ensure reduced slack and full-body support.

Set up

Read the instructions and have a go at home or nearby before you venture out on your expedition. See how easy it is for one person to put the hammock up or what help you will need.


Where do you keep your gear once you are set up in a hammock? Your belongings can be kept off the ground by attaching them to the straps, but underfloor pockets are a bonus to your possessions within easy reach.

Leave no trace

Ensure you have tree protector wraps if they are not already included with the hammock. Check the size and health of your selected trees before you set up your hammock to make sure that they are sufficiently strong and will be able to take the weight of the hammock with people on it without doing any damage to the bark.

Best large camping hammock

The Tentsile Trillium XL 6-person camping hammock is the ultimate when it comes to hanging with your friends and provides six individual sleeping bays so everyone has their own space and won’t roll into the middle. It also has a central access hatch making it even easier to climb on. It has a weight capacity of 1200lbs/550kg providing room for everyone. There are storage pockets underneath the hammock floor for keeping belongings off the ground and in a place where they can be accessed easily.

Set-up is just as easy as other Tentsile Tree Tents. It works using a three-point anchor system which holds the mesh taut so that your body is fully supported. It is reinforced with webbing, heavy duty ratchets and straps so it is built for strength and durability. The Trillium XL is UV protected and can also be used for up to three months at a time making the perfect backyard summer lounging space for family and friends.

Priced affordably, it’s a worthwhile investment for hours of fun spent with family and your closest buddies.

If a six-person exceeds your needs then check out the other giant hammocks from Tentsile where you’ll find double camping hammocks, three-person hammocks and a whole range of suspended tents. If you want to go even bigger then check out the Trilogy Stack which will take your group camping to a whole other level! In fact the Trillium XL can be set up under any of the Tentsile Tree Tents for a multi-level hang out.

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